Between lake and mountains

This photo shows the exact location of Le Ban de la Roche. It's taken in January from the Roc de Cher nature reserve, which overlooks Talloires. In the foreground you can see Talloires port on the left, and Talloires beach on the right. Both are great spots for swimming in the Summer. Behind the house you can see woodland, which is riddled with hiking and running trails. And in the background there is the mountain of La Tournette. A day's hike up from our house, or a 15 minute car drive, and you are in Heidi country - cows with bells, wooden chalets and mountain pastures. As you can see, Le Ban de la Roche is towards the top of Talloires village (it's a 3 minute walk from the centre). As Talloires gets quite busy in the summer, this means you can enjoy the views from the terrace in peace!


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